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Celebrate beautiful moments with cakes close to the heart

Chairman's Word

My life’s mission is to live a long and happy life. Come my departure, I want to leave behind countless customers whose hearts were filled with the joy and warmth my team and I put into Pinkyz cakes. That is the essence of Pinkyz, an organization built on the ingenuity and joy of a team that works to live and loves what they do.

At Pinkyz, the customer is king. We measure the value of our business not with revenue, but with the satisfaction of our customers. A Pinkyz cake is more than a hand-crafted confection, it’s a lasting memory. We achieve this by reaching above and beyond in our work and putting the grace of Allah into every delicious bite. Our customers keep coming back because of our sincerity and mission to succeed or succeed in work and in life. We have perfected our craft with a mind for affordability so the world can enjoy the splendor of cake as a medium for artistic expression.

For our ALLAH and our Messenger Prophet Muhammed (SAW), for the eager child and, for the poor man, we serve everyone far and wide. From customers and employees to our city and country, Pinkyz is bettering lives as we grow and prime ourselves to enter the global market. With us are tremendous opportunities for personal and professional development that turn honest cake makers and designers into industry leaders.


( Our Mission )


Harness our capabilities & expertise to provide exquisite products and designs for our customers which satisfy their desires.

( Our Vision )


Become industry leaders who excel in our craft while prioritizing the needs and desires of our customers so their happy moments are happier.

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Our Story

We started the Pinkyz brand back in 1998. The demand for custom designed cakes was small and few would even dream of indulging in such lavish confections. With little opportunity to think outside the box, people were accustomed to traditional desserts. Regardless, we saw an opportunity with remarkable potential so we began planning what would soon be Pinkyz signature ingredients, impeccable taste, and flawless design. We are now at the forefront of a booming market, delivering affordable cakes of supreme quality and design to anyone with an eye for the sweeter things in life. At Pinkyz, our work is never finished. We are dedicated to perfecting our craft, improving our quality, and growing our city and country with the joy of cake.

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What our Customers got to say?


Pinkyz delivered the most delightful cake we could ever have !!!!!!   Alyssa Meher


I ordered from Pinkyz for a kid’s party and each guest simply adored every treat.  Hana Al-Herbi